Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions Five County Area

Key Team Members

Noel Thomas Lester- System of Care Manager

Sonynia Leonard - Chief-District 6

David Carter - Chief-District 9

Bobbie Jo Hopf - Youth Villages

Carol McClelland - Freedom House Recovery Lake Area Health

Dana Greenway - DAYMARK Recovery Services, Inc.

Paul Roodhuyzen - RHA

Jerome Brown - Vision Behavioral Health Services


Affiliated Counties: Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Vance, Warren

Other JJ Initiatives: Juvenile Justice Treatment Continuum (Reclaiming Futures) - 6A - Halifax

Screening Process:

The Risk and Needs Assessment is completed in Halifax and GAIN Short Screener is used in the four other counties. Juvenile Family Data Sheet and screening information is provided to all providers except Integrated Family Services, by facsimile.

Assessment Process:

District 6A uses a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment modeled after the JJTC Assessment and Global Appraisal of Individual Needs is used in the four other counties.

Treatment Process: Families are provided services through Integrated Family Services and Family Preservation Services unless there is a service not within these provider's arrays. If a child is receiving and enhanced benefit, Child and Family Team meetings are to occur every 30 days in Hailfax County. High priority cases are staffed weekly and non-high priority cases are staffed at lease once per a month. In four Counties, Child and Family Teams are held as needed.


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