Key Team Members

Kimberly Morgan - System of Care Coordinator

Noel Thomas Lester- System of Care Regional Manager

Rusty Slate - Chief-District 17 (Rockingham, Stokes)

Stan Clarkson-  Chief-District 21 (Forsyth)

Krista Hiatt - Chief-District 22 (Davie)

AMI Kids

Children's Hope Alliance

James Harner - Insight Human Services

Youth Villages


Affiliated Counties: Davie, Forsyth, Rockingham, Stokes

Other JJ Initiatives: Reclaiming Futures

Screening Process: All youth who come into the court office are screened using the GAIN-SS. If a youth scores 5 or higher on the GAIN-SS (or indicates high risk such as endorsing suicidal thoughts), they will be sent to the JJSAMHP funded counselor housed in DJJDP for an assessment.

Assessment Process: The JJSAMHP funded counselor meets with the juvenile and their family and conducts a GAIN-Quick or schedules a GAIN-I, as needed and asks additional questions. Based on their responses, the youth may immediately be referred for services. The JJSAMHP funded counselor works to have an appointment in the family's hands when they leave the courthouse.

Treatment Process: Services are provided by three main providers unless there is a need that the provider cannot address and the youth and their family are then referred to an outside provider. 

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