Key Team Members

Stephanie Funderburk - System of Care Coordinator

Jamie Sales - System of Care Manager

Rusty Slate - Chief - District 17

Krista Hiatt - Chief - District 22

Scott Perry - Chief - District 23

George Edmonds - Youth Villages

Alex Dow - Children's Hope Alliance

Zach Hawks - Easter Seals/UCP


Affiliated CountiesIredell, Surry Yadkin

Other JJ Initiatives: Reclaiming Futures

Screening Process: Intake Court Counselors utilize the GAIN SS on any youth that is adjudicated or any youth with a diversion contract. The results are forwarded to any of the four providers according to location and district.

Assessment Process: All four providers utilize the Comprehensive Clinical Assessment for their assessments and has a team of licensed professionals and qualified professionals that work together to complete the process. The information from the assessment is then shared with the family, treatment provider(s) and DJJ staff to help in directing and organizing the Child and Family Team meetings. The youth and their family can be referred to anyone in a network of providers in the area. 

Treatment Process: Youth are referred to services based on their needs and as outlined in their Child and Family Team meeting. Child and Family Teams are held at least one time a month or more often based on the needs of the youth and their families. The teams also work to include a family partner for each family that can advocate and assist in engagement processes for the families.

Visit Their Website: Partners Behavioral Health Management