Partners CENTRAL (jjsamhp & Rf)

Key Team Members

Project Director:  Kimberly Rhoads

Judicial:  Honorable Burford A. Cherry, District 25

                Honorable Mark L. Killian, District 25

                Brandi Tolbert

Justice:   Ronn Abernathy, District 25

Family Partner:  Jermaine Brooks

Treatment:  Josh Clay - The Cognitive Connection

                    Julie Walker - The Cognitive Connection

                    Kim James - Burke Recovery




Increase the ability to screen, identify and refer youth involved with Juvenile Justice for substance abuse treatment

Improve engagement of youth and families in recommended treatment

Create a comprehensive system of care to facilitate coordination of services and resources for youth

Core Partners:

The Cognitive Connection
Burke Recovery
Department of Public Safety-Division of Juvenile Justice District 25th
25th Judicial District of North Carolina - District Court Division
Partners Behavioral Health Management

Visit Their Website: Partners Behavioral Health Management