Alliance Behavioral Healthcare Cumberland

Key Team Members

Terrasine Gardner - Community Relations Manger

Tina Higgs - Community Relations Specialist Court Liaison

Vince Wagner - Provider Network Development Specialist

Cathy Stephenson - Provider Network Development Specialist

Damali Alston - Quality Review Coordinator

Miguel Pitts - Chief-District 12

Danell Leigh-Triola - Carolina Outreach

Farrah Delgado - Youth Villages

Jasun Thompson - Extended Reach

Jocelyn Stephens - Pinnacle Family Services

Dr. Kim Young - Alexander Youth Network

LaVondra McCloud - Access Family Services

Roderick Brown - Yelverton Enrichment Services

Sarah Hallock - Cumberland County CommuniCare

Dr. Tony Haire - Haire Enterprises

Reclaiming Futures

Judge Edward A. Pone - Judicial Fellow

Debbie Jenkins - Community Fellow

Densie Lucas - Treatment Fellow

Sarah Hallock - Cumberland County CommuniCare

Terrasine Gardner - LME Representative

Affiliated Counties: Cumberland

Other JJ Initiatives: Reclaiming Futures

Screening Process: Any court involved youth are screened by the court counseling staff with the GAIN SS and are referred if there is possible indication of substance abuse. Youth are then referred to Cumberland County CommuniCare.

Assessment Process: Each youth will receive an assessment using the GAIN Initial and also will receive a urine test. If youth has a DSM-IV diagnosis for substance abuse or substance dependence, they are then admitted into JJSAMHP services.

Treatment Process: Treatment is holistic, with family and community based supports to “wrap” services around juveniles in ways to reduce/eliminate substance use and avoid future legal consequences. Services are generally provided through Cumberland County CommuniCare unless the youth needs something outside of their service array.


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