Key Team Members

Projector Director - Juanita Pilgrim

Judicial -- Judge Edward A. Pone - District 12 Court Judge

Justice --  Miguel Pitts, Chief - District 12

Community --  Debbie Jenkins

Treatment --  Yvonne Smith, Manager Substance Abuse Services

Community Partners

Sarah Hallock - Cumberland County CommuniCare

Joe Comer  --  Alliance MCO





Affiliated Counties: Cumberland

Other JJ Initiatives: JJSAMHP


Provide improved access to drug and alcohol treatment services

Provide Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Ensure individualized, coordinated care for each youth involved, and

Promote enhanced community involvement

Continue to seek out funding in order to increase services capacity. Our funding is critical to our ability to serve the vulnerable population with the mental health and substance abuse treatment services and delinquency intervention services needed.

Core Partners:

Cumberland County CommuniCare

Cumberland County Schools

Department of Public Safety/Division of Adult Corrections Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council/Programs

North Carolina 12th Judicial District

Juvenile Justice Substance Abuse Mental Health Partnership

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Alliance MCO

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