How can this partnership help families?

Each of the local partnership teams work together to find the best way to provide services for youth involved with the juvenile justice system who, in addition to, may display substance use, anger, sadness, school issues or other life's challenges. This partnership helps families and youth connect with mental health and substance abuse resources on an as needed basis in their local communities.


During the initial intake process, screening is administered to youth at their local juvenile court office, by a court counselor. Screening will alert personnel if the youth require additional help with behaviors, decision making, thoughts, and feelings. By receiving information upfront makes the process a more seamless effort in connecting the youth with the appropriate services and resources in a timely manner.


Each partnership has committed to doing evidence based assessments. This allows the youth to converse with a clinician regarding their experiences in multiple capacities such as: school, mental health, goals, education, family history, current needs, substance abuse, behaviors; and relationships. Meanwhile, the youth's caregiver(s) is/are allotted time to voice their concerns involving their child's needs on the road to success. In addition, the opportunity to schedule for an upcoming Child & Family Team meeting is allowed. This total process may take up to two or three hours. 

Child & Family Team

At the core of a System of Care approach is the Child & Family Team. Child & Family Teams consists of family members, their natural supports and other stakeholders who collaboratively come together to create, implement and update a plan with the youth and their family. The plan builds on the strengths of the youth and family while addressing their needs, desires and dreams. Family members are full and equal partners in the meetings and lead the planning process. These meetings are held at a location that is most convenient and supportive to the family needs or requests. Individuals in attendance are people the family trust and want to be present in assisting their child's road to success. When or if there is a need for future services, the team collectively schedules time to support the youth and their family.