Sandhills Guilford (JJSAMHP/RF)

Key Team Members

Lisa Salo - System of Care Coordinator - Sandhills Center LME/MCO - Guilford Site

Laqreshia Bates-Harley - Chief-District 18

Joe Fortin - Reclaiming Futures Community Treatment Fellow

Renee Michaux - Unifour One - Reclaiming Futures - Beyond Treatment Community Fellow

Agencies Involved:

Amethyst - Tina Mitchell

Faith in Families - Kenya Goings

Youth Focus - Van Catterall

Youth Villages - Tara Ward

Wrights Care Services - Reketta Wright

Peculiar Counseling Services - Yohima Casey

Insight - James Harner, Frances Browne

Pinnacle - Lisa Bracken

Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) - Quentin Leak

Affiliated CountiesGuilford

Other JJ Initiatives: Reclaiming Futures

Screening Process: The Juvenile Court Counselors screen all adjudicated youth and youth with diversion contracts using the GAIN SS.  Any youth with scores 3 or higher are referred to the JCPC funded Single Assessor for further evaluation and to the LME/MCO funded Treatment Expediter to link  with any needed resources to complete assessments and treatment (transportation, and other barriers).

Assessment Process: All Provider Agencies complete a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment or GAIN on Juvenile Justice referred youth.

Treatment Process: All Provider Agencies lead the initial Child and Family Team Meeting. Based on assessment results and Child and Family Team recommendations, youth and families are referred for services to any of our six partnering agencies in this Initiative or another agency in the community, based on consumer choice.

Visit Their Website: Sandhills Center for MH/DD/SAS