Name:  Casey Pruitt - Family Partner

Organization: Partners South

Contact Information:


     Phone:  704-914-7867

Counties:  Lincoln, Cleveland and Gaston

Description of Role: As a Family Partner, I serve as a resource and advocate for families. It means that I work in the best interest of the family; however, I do not take the place of the adult family member(s). Assist families to better understand the cross-system languages, acronyms and processes. Encourage the child and family to share their opinions, wants and desires, while creating a relationship with them that supports openness, empathy, trust and honesty. 


Name:  LaMonica Mitchell - Family Advocate

Organization: Sandhills Guilford

Contact Information:


     Phone: (919) 215-7153 or (336) 509-6069

Counties: Guilford

Description of Role: - Serve as one of the chairs for the Guilford County System of Care Collaborative, and chair the Community Engagement Committee. The major focus of this committee is to establish the family and youth voice at the collaborative meetings. 

Regularly attend the System of Care Collaborative meetings, the JJSAMHP meetings and the Reclaiming Future meetings. Playing an active roll in the meetings and on the committees, allows the opportunity for me to advocate and ensure that the work we do benefits youth and their families.