ECBH Northeast

Cardinal & TRILLIUM District 6

Key Team Members

Judicial - Chief Judge Brenda Branch

                Judge Vershenia Moody

Justice - Chief Court Counselor Sonynia Leonard

Community - Olivia Taylor/Melvin Powers (CADA) Choanoke

Treatment - Integrated Family Services --  Roxanne Banks O'Kelley

                    RHA Behavioral Health Services

                    RHA Health Services

                    Uplift Comprehensive Services & The Power of U  -  Nicole Jackson   



Cardinal & Trillium District 6:  Halifax, Hertford, Northampton, Bertie


Monitor the ability to increase the availability of both treatment and "beyond treatment" services in our community. Improve treatment services for adolescent drug and alcohol use.

Monitor the number and types of pro-social resources available to support our youths and how often we are able to match youths appropriately.

Create a comprehensive system of care that coordinates services for both youth and their families which will include prevention, education, intervention and treatment efforts.

Involve the community in order to create new opportunities for youth and families. Improve treatment services for drug and alcohol use.

Create a comprehensive system of care that coordinates social services.

Involve the community in creating new opportunities for youth.


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