Eastpointe Rocky Mount

Key Team Members

Cotina Thorne - System of Care Specialist

Angela Wilson - Systems of Care Coordinator

Mike Walston - Chief - District 7

Terri Proctor - Supervisor, District 7

Candance Sutton-Sauls/Christina Allen - Pride in NC

Katherine Mitchell/Sandra Pierce - Pinnacle Family Services

Kristy Moore/Bobbie Jo Hope - Youth Villages

Affiliated Counties: Edgecombe and Wilson 

Other JJ Initiatives: No

Screening Process: Juvenile Court Counselors use the GAIN-SS on any court involved youth (complaint filed, diversion, probation, court supervision, PRS). Any youth who scores in the Moderate or High range is referred to the provider agency that the families have chosen from the list above. DJJ also supplies the juvenile data sheet to the provider agencies.

Assessment Process: The provider completes the GAIN assessment. Following recommendations for services, the consumer/guardian has the option to receive services from the provider performing the assessment or choose another provider in the network.

Treatment Process: The provider agencies will confirm initial appointment with family. They will conduct Child and Family Team meetings and hold one every 30 days for the youth. Information about treatment will be provided monthly to DJJ staff and the Provider Agencies will be tracking the data and reporting it back to the MCO staff.

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